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Dr Ian Webster is the Co-founder and Director of Dermastore®, the first online cosmeceutical company in South Africa,  founded in 2015. This specialised e-commerce store sells a carefully curated selection of evidence-based skincare products, based on science and all personally selected by Dr Webster. Dermastore® stocks a wide range of products and below are a selection of just some of the product ranges. For more information and a wider selection visit: 


Originating from a family-owned laboratory in Barcelona, Spain. pHformula has a deep commitment to developing cutting-edge scientific products and treatments. Dr Webster has witnessed first hand in his patients, the exceptional results from these products and the pHformula TCA peel for photo-aged skin.

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MartiDerm is a premium medical skincare brand that brings science and innovation to the forefront of modern Dermatological needs. Their in-house laboratory offers transparency and innovation with the latest ingredients that have been sustainably and ethically sourced, with proven efficacy in clinical studies.

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Huxley is a contemporary, minimalist, plant-derived brand from South Korea. Keeping the skin barrier healthy is important to Dr Webster and this brand offers superb protection of the barrier with their  key ingredient , Sahara Prickly Pear Seed Oil, a desert cactus and real wonder of nature.

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SkinCeuticals, founded by US-based Dermatologist, Dr Sheldon Pinnell, is considered the global leader in antioxidant research and development. Their scientific, evidence-based products contain simple ingredients presented in elegant formulations that target skin ageing, acne, pigmentation.

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NeoStrata is a scientifically researched line of products dedicated to the advancement of skin care through research and innovation. It was founded in 1988 by a Dermatologist and a Dermatopharmacologist in Princeton, USA. Dr Webster has had the pleasure of meeting both these original founders. 

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Lamelle is an innovative company and a proudly South African cosmeceutical brand. They are dedicated to the science of skin constantly creating new and innovative products using research through biotechnology in their quest to find meaningful, science-based solutions to a variety of skin concerns. 

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