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Skin Therapist

Sarah Stringer is our popular and experienced skin therapist who has worked closely with Dr Ian Webster for the past 9 years. Many of her clients are referred to her by Dr Webster and together they discuss the individual clients' needs to ensure that they receive the best professional advice for their treatment and product recommendations. 

For new clients, Sarah offers an initial Visia Skin Analysis which gives her  a clear understanding of the client's skin condition, not only what is visible to the eye, but also skin damage beneath the surface the skin. This helps Sarah provide specialist treatment advice for the client's specific skin condition and their curated product recommendations.  A discussion is then held between Sarah and her client as to how many treatments, budget and expectations. 




Sarah's greatest strength is that she focuses on her clients achieving goal orientated results, as she feels happy, satisfied clients remain loyal clients and she has many who can attest to this! She provides an extra warm, gentle touch in her beautiful treatment room by offering relaxing touch therapy and pampering along with her medically-focused skin treatments.


Sarah completed her schooling and studies in KwaZulu-NataI and has been in the skincare industry for the past 20 years. She knew from a very young age that health and skincare were going to be her career choice. As a young girl, she enjoyed doing facials on her mum and other family members! She has a real passion and love of her work and and forms warm and lasting relationships with her clients.

She is a wife & mother of two daughters. Her hobbies include golf, fly-fishing, gardening & cooking.

Schedule your initial complimentary consultation with Sarah so that you can enjoy a no-pressure chat and receive good honest treatment and product recommendations which includes the skin analysis.

Sarah offers the following medical-grade skincare treatments: 


  • Visia Skin Analysis

  • SkinCeuticals Peels 

  • pHformula TCA Peels

  • Deep Cleanse - Acne

  • Dermaplaning

  • Dermapen 4 Micro-needling

  • Dermapen 4 Micro-needling + ÜBER Pro Peel

  • Clear & Brilliant Non-Ablative Fraxel Laser


Sarah looks forward to meeting you if you are a new client or to seeing you again if you are an existing client!

+27 21 852 5858

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