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  • Does Dr Webster charge the medical rate?
    Dr Webster does not charge what is termed the medical rate. His fees are charged using the guidelines recommended by the South African Private Practitioner Forum and what is termed the Ethical rate. This is what they deem medical practitioners and their time is worth. In Dr Webster's case, it is six years of undergraduate study to become a medical doctor and a further four years of specialising in Dermatology together with almost thirty years in private practice.
  • What does Dr Webster charge for a consultation?
    First Consultation: R1200.00 for new patients or if you have not seen Dr Webster for 2 years or longer. Repeat Consultation: R 900.00 These are subject to change and are generally adjusted each year in January.
  • What happens if I need a treatment or procedure over and above the consultation fee?
    The consultation fee is only for a specialist consultation and does not include mole-mapping, cryotherapy (removal of pre-cancer lesions with liquid nitrogen) or any other minor procedures. Should any biopsies or minor procedures be required, Dr Webster generally schedules these on either a Tuesday or Thursday morning in his own day procedure room where he is ably supported by his nursing sister, Sister Michelle Munro. These procedures will be charged separately but you will not pay for another consultation fee on the day of your procedure. Any specimens sent to the pathology laboratory after a procedure will be billed to you separately from the pathology laboratory and not be part of Dr Webster's account.
  • Does Dr Webster require immediate settlement of accounts?
    Yes, all consultations, treatments, procedures and products need to be settled on the day. A paid up account will be given to you or emailed and it is your responsibility to claim a refund from your medical aid. There are various payment options: Cash Credit card Debit card
  • How much will my medical aid refund me for my consultation fee?
    This can differ between the various medical aids and it will also depend upon which option you have chosen.
  • What is the length of Dr Webster's waiting list?
    Dr Webster's diary is generally booked for 6 months in advance, so we recommend that all patients make their follow-up appointments at the practice each time they see Dr Webster. In the event that the skin condition requires more urgent attention, we recommend that you speak to one of our medical secretaries who will ascertain the urgency of the consultation and place your name on a waiting list or they may recommend that you see your General Practitioner.
  • How do I make an appointment with Dr Webster?
    Local South African Patients: Appointments by telephone only. No local email appointments will be answered. Tel: 021 852 5858 Overseas Patients: Appointments can be made by telephone or via email. Tel: +27 21 852 5858
  • Does Dr Webster do Tele-Dermatology?
    No, Dr Webster does not do Tele-Dermatology. Although this avenue of consulting is now more available, he still feels an in-person consultation, especially when it comes to a full body skin check for skin cancer cannot be replaced by with a remote consultation. He makes use of devices such as Dermoscopy and Fotofinder® mole-mapping which need to be done in his surgery.
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